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2015 Legislative Update

Legislative Update by Betsy D. Mitchell, MPA

IL-ACOFP Legislative Consultant / December 2015

Medical Practice Act

As one of their legislative actions, on Wednesday, December 2, the Illinois House voted to concur with the Senate to extend the Medical Practice Act until December 31, 2016–only another year again. The Governor is expected to sign this into law before end of the year.

Another Lay Midwifery Bill

Rep. Robyn Gabel (D, Evanston) has just been introduced House Bill 4341 to licensure Certified Professional Midwives, not to be confused with highly trained and educated nurse midwives.  This bill has strong bi-partisan support.  The Lay Midwives are busy contacting their legislators to urge them to support their bill.

House Bill 4341 requires little to no formal medical or nursing training for CPMs. While the legislation seems to require that candidates obtain training from what is referred to as a pathway accredited by the Midwifery Education and Accreditation Council, there is no single or uniform midwifery curriculum.

House Bill 4341 contains few restrictions on what services are provided by certified professional midwives. The legislation would allow certified professional midwives, who are not trained health care professionals, to perform histories and physicals, provide prenatal care, dispense drugs, treat hemorrhages and other emergencies, and treat the infant and woman postpartum. All of these responsibilities are medical in nature and should only be performed by the professionals who are adequately trained to do so.

A meeting with the Lay midwives has been set for Tuesday, January 26 at location to be determined in Chicago. If you have interest in attending this Q & A session, please let me know. Also please contact your legislators NOW and urge them to oppose this legislation.

Physician Assisted Suicide

A national movement is underway to encourage more states to enact Physician Assisted Suicide legislation. Illinois Catholic Charities is gearing up to oppose this legislation and has asked for us to join their coalition.  To date, we have not seen any proposed legislation but it is expected soon. Please let me know your thoughts about this issue. I need to hear from you @

Hep-C Mandate

After losing the battle in the House and Senate, we were finally on the winning side as Governor Rauner and JCAR both opposed this mandate.  Governor Rauner vetoed the bill.  The supporters are expected to re-introduce the a similar bill in 2016.  This legislation would have mandated physicians recommend Hep-C screening to all persons born between 1949 and 1969.


The Illinois 2016 Fiscal Year budget impasse will continue into 2016. The FY16 budget was to have been implemented on July 1, 2015. We continue to watch many programs shutdown and medical providers not be paid for their services. Many believe that a final budget could be approved in February.

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