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Networking. Point. Click. Connect.

ACOFP IL is 400 members strong. This means somebody always knows somebody who knows somebody.

Priceless, indeed, when you're looking for anything from a job to a locum tenem to selling or buying a practice.

ACOFP Membership
Use It For All It's Worth


State Society President
Gary L. Knepp, DO FACOFP

State Society President Elect
Alicia A. Martin, DO

State Society Secretary-Treasurer
Nichole Joy Mirocha, DO

Thomas W. Kupferer, DO FACOFP

Paula S. Mackrides, DO

Erica A. Rotondo, DO

Adam S. Cohen-Lewe, DO

Melanie R. Jessen, DO FACOFP

State Society Resident Governor
Winnie Cheung, DO

State Society Student Governor
Christina B. Burke