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ACOFP IL fosters professional growth that yields stronger leaders and better ideas for the osteopathic profession and your future.

Because of these efforts, we have built a diverse and inclusive membership that will continue to fuel the osteopathic profession into the future.

ACOFP Membership
Use It For All It's Worth


State Society President
Gary L. Knepp, DO FACOFP

State Society President Elect
Alicia A. Martin, DO

State Society Secretary-Treasurer
Nichole Joy Mirocha, DO

Thomas W. Kupferer, DO FACOFP

Paula S. Mackrides, DO

Erica A. Rotondo, DO

Adam S. Cohen-Lewe, DO

Melanie R. Jessen, DO FACOFP

State Society Resident Governor
Winnie Cheung, DO

State Society Student Governor
Christina B. Burke