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IL-ACOFP Legislative Update

By Betsy D. Mitchell, MPA

IL-ACOFP Legislative Consultant

4th Quarter 2016


After a very long and very expensive campaign season nationwide, there were a few notable shifts in party affiliation regarding Illinois statehouse races. However, with the start of the next General Assembly set for January 11, 2017 questions still remain regarding how the election results may impact activity (or continued non-activity as has been the case for the past year) in Springfield, and more importantly, how will these results impact IL-ACOFP.

State Comptroller

In the statewide race for Comptroller, the Democratic challenger Susana Mendoza defeated the Republican incumbent Leslie Munger with slightly less than 50% of the vote. The two third party candidates received approximately 6% of the vote. The Comptroller’s office is the office that writes and sends the checks after each agency has given their approval.

It is important for IL-ACOFP to have a good working relationship with the Comptroller in Illinois.   First, because it is the Comptroller’s responsibility to send the checks, it is important for the Illinois Comptroller to understand that Family Physicians are on the frontline when it comes to caring for most patients in need of medical care. Second, in the past the Comptroller has the power to provide a one-time emergency check to providers who can show immediate need.

Six State House Seats Shift

In the Illinois House races, the Republicans shifted the overall makeup of the chamber by four seats as a result of taking five districts previously held by Democrats and losing one district previously held by a Republican. The House chamber will go from 71 (D) vs. 47 (R) to 67 (D) vs. 51 (R). The districts that shifted are below, with the incumbent party’s candidate listed first.

Please note: if any of these new faces are in your area, it is up to you to meet with the soon-to-to-be elected official as soon as possible to educate them about all the great work you do as a Osteopathic Family Physician. Become their health expert.

District Last Name First Name Party Vote % Total
IL House 63


Bartman John D 19,560 43.38%
Reick Steven R 25,525 56.62%
IL House 71


Smiddy Mike D 18,053 37.12%
McCombie Tony R 30,586 62.88%
IL House 76

Spring Valley

Skoog Andy D 22,512 49.33%
Long Jerry R 23,119 50.67%
IL House 79


Cloonen Kate D 20,366 46.27%
Parkhurst Lindsay R 23,649 53.73%
IL House 112

Glen Carbon

Kay Dwight R 25,753 48.40%
Stuart Katie D 27,454 51.6%
IL House 117


Bradley John D 23,949 47.12%
Severin Dave R 26,878 52.88%


Two State Senate Seats Shift

In the Illinois Senate races, the Republicans shifted the overall makeup of the chamber by two seats as a result of taking two districts previously held by Democrats. The Senate chamber will go from 39 (D) vs. 20 (R) to 37 (D) vs. 22 (R). The districts that shifted are:

District Last Name First Name Party Vote % Total
Senate 47 Quincy Tracy Jil R 100.00%
No Opponent


Senate 59


Forby Gary D 43,206 44.75%
Fowler Dale R 53,347 55.25%


31 New Faces

Eight new faces join the 100th General Assembly in 2017 as result of general election challengers defeating the incumbent party’s candidate:

District Last Name First Name Party Replacing
IL Hse 063


Reick Steven R Jack Franks (D)
IL Hse 071


McCombie Tony R Mike Smiddy (D)
IL Hse 076

Spring Valley

Long Jerry R Frank Mautino (D)
IL Hse 079


Parkhurst Lindsay R Kate Cloonen (D)
IL Hse 112

Metro East

Stuart Katie D Dwight Kay (R)
IL Hse 117


Severin Dave R John Bradley (D)
IL Sen 047


Tracy Jil R John Sullivan (D)
IL Sen 059


Fowler Dale R Gary Forby (D)

In addition, there are 23 recently elected individuals who will be a part of the 100th General Assembly (2017-18) but were not members at the start of the 99th General Assembly (2015-16). IL-ACOFP members need to make sure they have met these relatively new legislators.

District Last Name First Name Party Replacing
IL Hse 002 Chicago Mah Theresa D Ed Acevedo (D)
IL Hse 005


Stratton Juliana D Ken Dunkin (D)
IL Hse 006


Harper Sonya D Esther Golar (D)
IL Hse 010


Conyears Melissa D Pamela Reaves-Harris (D)
IL Hse 051


Sauer Nick R Ed Sullivan (R)
IL Hse 066



Skillicorn Allen R Michael Tryon (R)
IL Hse 072

Quad Cities

Halpin Michael D Pat Verschoore (D)
IL Hse 073


Spain Ryan R David Leitch (R)
IL Hse 074


Swanson Dan R Don Moffitt (R)
IL Hse 075


Welter David R John Anthony (R)
IL Hse 081


Olsen David R Ron Sandack (R)
IL Hse 087


Butler Tim R Rich Brauer (R)
IL Hse 095

South of Springf-ield

Bourne Avery R Wayne Rosenthal (R)
IL Hse 099


Jimenez Sara Wojcicki R Raymond Poe (R)
IL Hse 102 Decatur Halbrook Brad R Adam Brown (R)
IL Hse 114 Metro East Greenwood LaToya D Eddie Lee Jackson (D)
IL Sen 02


Aquino Omar D William Delgado (D)
IL Sen 22


Castro Cristina D Michael Noland (D)
IL Sen 26

Lake Barring-ton

McConchie Dan R Dan Duffy (R)
IL Sen 27


Rooney Tom R Matt Murphy (R)
IL Sen 28

Park Ridge

Murphy Laura D Dan Kotowski (D)
IL Sen 37


Weaver Chuck R Darin LaHood (R)
IL Sen 58

Southern Illinois

Schimpf Paul R David Luechtefeld (R)

In the end, both parties were battling over the supermajority threshold in the House and Senate this election season, with the Democrats currently controlling both chambers: House (71 Dems vs. 47 GOP) and Senate (39 Dems vs. 20 GOP). The Republicans were looking to pick up at least one seat in the House and four seats in the Senate to shift Democratic control below the supermajority threshold of 71 and 36, respectively. Based on the election results summarized above, the House Democrats will lose their supermajority status but the Senate Democrats will retain the supermajority by two votes. This means that the House Democrats can no longer override a Governor’s veto. Many hope this will help change the course of the continued impasse.

Never hesitate to contact me ( if you have questions or would like assistance in meeting your legislators.

Upcoming Legislative Sessions

In Illinois we have three different legislative sessions on the horizon. First up is the Veto Session. Today, Senate Bill 870 was filed to extend the Medical Practice Act, which expires on 12-31-16, to 12-31-17. This has almost become the norm for the Illinois Medical Practice Act, unlike other medical practices in Illinois which are extended for 10 years. However, at this moment, it does appear, Illinois will have pass SB870 to allow the Medical Practice Act to be extended for another year.

Prior to the members of100th Illinois General Assembly taking their oath of office in January 2017, the 99th Illinois is expected to make one last appearance for consideration of the second half of the Fiscal Year 2016 budget. In July 2016, after an impasse, the Illinois legislature could only pass a six month budget which expires on 12-31-16. Therefore, the Illinois legislature is expected to hold a lame duck session to try and complete the budget.

Then on January 11, the 100th Illinois General Assembly will be sworn into office. Anticipated issues facing osteopathic family physicians include: licensure of naturpathic physicians, licensure of lay midwives, a possible continued state budget impasse and severely delayed Medicaid payments, a comprehensive behavioral health bill, extension of the Medical Practice Act, and several unexpected surprises.