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IL-ACOFP Legislative Update

IL-ACOFP Legislative Update

By Betsy D. Mitchell, MPA

IL-ACOFP Legislative Consultant

4th Quarter 2016


After a very long and very expensive campaign season nationwide, there were a few notable shifts in party affiliation regarding Illinois statehouse races. However, with the start of the next General Assembly set for January 11, 2017 questions still remain regarding how the election results may impact activity (or continued non-activity as has been the case for the past year) in Springfield, and more importantly, how will these results impact IL-ACOFP.

State Comptroller

In the statewide race for Comptroller, the Democratic challenger Susana Mendoza defeated the Republican incumbent Leslie Munger with slightly less than 50% of the vote. The two third party candidates received approximately 6% of the vote. The Comptroller’s office is the office that writes and sends the checks after each agency has given their approval.

It is important for IL-ACOFP to have a good working relationship with the Comptroller in Illinois.   First, because it is the Comptroller’s responsibility to send the checks, it is important for the Illinois Comptroller to understand that Family Physicians are on the frontline when it comes to caring for most patients in need of medical care. Second, in the past the Comptroller has the power to provide a one-time emergency check to providers who can show immediate need.

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